Pierre the Dog Gets a Loving New Home in North Texas

A senior cockapoo in South Dallas, known as Pierre, has found a new home in Collin County.

NBC 5 first reported on Pierre last month. His owner, Miss Wells, was looking to find him a new family because of her deteriorating health.

A local rescue, Dallas DogRRR, took on the task of helping her do just that.

On Friday, Pierre came home to his new forever family in McKinney.

Dolores Walton said she first saw Pierre on the news.

"It struck a chord with me, because I had a dog that looked just like Pierre. I lost him last October. I had him for 18 years," said Walton.

Walton said she's looking forward to having Pierre as her companion and being able to be his caretaker. 

Miss Wells plans to meet Walton in the coming weeks, so she can still visit with Pierre from time to time.

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