Picturing Amon Carter Museum

Photo contest part of museum’s 50th anniversary

by Bruce Felps

Fort Worth residents — and visitors, for that matter — soon have a chance to become part of the city’s artistic history.

The Amon Carter Museum of Art, as part of its 50th anniversary commemoration, launched a photo contest to find the best images depicting a visit to the museum, which, no, is not self-serving at all.

The contest runs from Aug. 1-31, and winning shots will post to the museum’s Facebook page. There are probably some rules that need to be followed and a method of submitting photos, so do, please, check them out.

Short version is that museum officials want “photographs that depict the visitor's museum experience. The images will be judged on creativity, photographic quality. and how well the spirit of the museum is featured.” Hint: Wouldn’t be surprised if a photo of, say, family members from two or more generations — the oldest of whom having toured as a school-kid, visiting the museum were to be among the winners what with that 50th anniversary thing. Just a hunch.

So, go ahead, take your best shot.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He might be the worst photographer in North Texas. Top 5 anyway.

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