Pharmacy Burglar Drops in From Roof

Video shows burglar getting into pharmacy through ceiling and stealing pain medication

The owner of White Rock Pharmacy in Dallas patched up his roof and cleaned up the mess left behind after an early morning burglary on Monday.

The burglary was caught on surveillance cameras.

In the video, one man can be seen lowering himself down through the hole. Another person who can't be seen on tape hands him a bag.

In less than five minutes, the burglar goes through the pharmacy, taking mainly painkillers, including hydrocodone.

The burglar is seen trying to climb out of the hole, first using a stool and later using a fax machine stand to climb out and run off before police get to the pharmacy.

Thomas Adimula, who has owned the pharmacy for about six months, said he already had a break-in in April and an attempted break-in in May.

Adimula stopped carrying high-strength painkillers in order to deter burglars from breaking in and even reinforced both entrances. The ceiling was an unexpected route, he said.

"I never thought -- as high as this roof is -- I never thought anyone would make any attempts to come through the roof to get to the pharmacy," he said.

Anyone with information about the break-in is asked to call Dallas police's Northeast Division at 214-670-4415.

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