Petition Launched to Legalize Packaged Liquor Sales in McKinney

Supporters need nearly 22,000 valid signatures by mid-January

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Legalizing packaged liquor sales is the goal of a new petition launched in McKinney Thursday.

For people in McKinney, buying packaged liquor means driving to stores in Allen, Plano, Princeton or Anna -- outside city limits – where time and money are spent outside McKinney.

“It is frustrating,” said Julie Williams, a McKinney resident and realtor.

Beer and wine sales at grocery and convenient stores have been legal in McKinney.

But packaged liquor isn't.

“We are losing a lot of sales tax dollars, a lot of spending, and jobs that are going across our city borders to other neighboring communities,” said Lisa Hermes, president of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.

The McKinney Chamber of Commerce, and local business and community leaders, launched a petition Thursday that would legalize liquor stores in the city.

The Chamber says it could bring over 600 new jobs and $1.3 million in tax revenue to the city each year.

“This is an economic no-brainer for the property taxpayers in McKinney,” said Joe Minissale, president of McKinney Methodist Hospital.

“This is very low-hanging fruit for us,” said Patrick Cloutier. McKinney resident and city council candidate.

According to the City of McKinney, the group needs the signatures of 21,847 registered McKinney voters, a number based on 35% of McKinney voter participation in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

The deadline for the petition to be returned to the city secretary is January 17.

Customers at an Allen liquor store who came from McKinney said they support the petition.

“It’s revenue before the city,” said McKinney resident Paul Nolen. “It makes sense.”

The question now is whether enough people agree.

If enough valid signatures are collected, voters would decide on the expansion during the May election.

Five years ago, people in neighboring Frisco rejected a similar measure.

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