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Petition Aims to Bring Liquor Stores to Frisco

The fight for alcohol sales is picking back up in Frisco.

Last year, the city extended the time that bars and restaurants can serve alcohol to 2 a.m. Now, one organization wants to take it a step further.

Since June 22, the newly formed Frisco Committee for Economic Growth has been collecting signatures for a petition to bring liquor stores to Frisco. The group hopes to have the measure added to the November ballot and said it is close to having enough.

Charlie Phillips said he's ready to see the city go completely wet. He stopped to sign the petition outside city hall Wednesday.

Right now, residents have to drive outside the city limits to find liquor stores.

"All our Frisco residents should have the ability to stay here in Frisco instead of traveling," Phillips said.

Jeannean Hefner is spearheading the effort. She said it isn't all about making access to liquor more convenient. She also wants to see tax dollars spent on liquor sales stay in Frisco.

"That other city is getting our money, getting our taxes on stuff that we can bring back home here and taxes that we can build off of for our own city," Hefner said.

Jeff Hope said he sees the revenue stream first-hand. He managers a liquor store on Texas Highway 121 in Plano, which draws customers from several surrounding cities, including Frisco, that only sells beer and wine in stores.

"Very convenient," Hope said. "Location, location."

The advocacy group plans to get more than 10,000 signatures before the petition is submitted to the city on July 17.

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