Pet Love Stories: NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 Staff Members Share Photos

NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 will join together to #ClearTheShelters on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Staff members from both stations shared photos of their pets and, for some, why adoption was so important to them.

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I adopted Nala two years ago from the Humane Society of North Texas during Clear the Shelters 2016. Nala, a Great Pyrenees/cattle dog mix, had two sisters who had already been adopted, so she was sad and alone when we found each other. As soon as I scooped her up, she gave me the first of a million kisses, and it was a done deal! -Brian Curtis, NBC 5 News Anchor
Over the past three decades, we have rescued a total of eight dogs. Ocho, our eighth rescue, hence the name, was also adopted during Clear the Shelters 2016. My first sweet little boy came from the SPCA of Texas. -Brian Curtis, NBC 5 News Anchor
My daughter McCall had begged us for years for a dog and when Christmas came around (2017) we decided she was finally responsible enough for one. I called the SPCA of Texas in Dallas and asked if they had any small dogs. They didn’t at the time, but said they would keep me in mind for future rescue dogs. Weeks later, they called to say they had rescued a mama Yorkie from a puppy mill and she had a litter of three. I said, ‘We’ll take one!’ and a week later we brought home, 'Tiny Teddy.' I’ve always wanted to add a rescue animal to our family because I felt it would teach my children about caring for the helpless in our community. Tiny Teddy has been a wonderful addition to our family! -Meredith Land, NBC 5 Anchor
"Because my wife and kids saw soooo many #ClearTheShelters stories on NBC 5. I decided to get Rosie the boxer." - Newy Scruggs, NBC 5 Sports Director
Khaleesi was surrendered while we were doing Clear the Shelters. She was not ready for adoption yet but I asked to hold her because she looked very sad. I used her in our last live shot as an example of the many beautiful dogs that needed homes. She held on to me with such tenderness that it was impossible to let go. Khaleesi just finished obedience school. She responds to 'besito' and gives me a kiss. - Norma Garcia, Telemundo 39 Anchor
Not a rescue but I love him with all my heart, plus he likes soccer and he cheers for México. -Norma Garcia, Telemundo 39 Anchor
This is Sawyer; I adopted him from the SPCA in Lakeland, Florida after graduating from college. It was important for me to get a shelter dog, because so many great animals need homes and it’s heartbreaking when they are euthanized due to overcrowding. Sawyer survived a Florida summer in the wilderness. He was microchipped, but no one ever came to claim him. After he was well enough to be adopted, he was put in the puppy room at the SPCA where I was lucky enough to find him an hour after he was put up for adoption. We’ve been together 8 years. Sawyer has traveled with me from Florida, to New York, to Nevada, and to Texas. He has so much love to give and he’s the best thing to ever happen to me! -Thomas Holt, NBC 5 Producer
My wife and I adopted Lorelai from Petsmart through HART (Humane Animal Rescue Team). We were instantly in love with her odd-eyed colors and playful demeanor. Lorelai was found inside the engine of a car when she was about 3 months old by the HART foundation which clearly labels why adoption was important to us: there are so many animals on the street or elsewhere that need help and a happy home to live in. -Weston Swim, NBC 5 Editor
Chuck was rescued from the streets of Arlington 8 years ago and I decided to let him be my new roommate instead of taking his chances at the shelter. Chacho was adopted from Arlington Animal Services in 2006 and was my best friend 'til he passed away in 2015. He was such a bright, smart and loving dog. He’s a perfect example of the kind of awesome animals you can find at your local shelter. -Dominga Gutierrez, NBC 5 Digital Producer
I adopted Sibby from a dachshund rescue group in June 2016. My first rescue, Ozzey, died more than two years prior and I was heartbroken. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to love another dog again like I did Ozzey. But when I saw Sibby’s eyes in a photo, I knew I had to meet him. A few days later, we met and I just knew. Sibby healed my heart. He’s sweet, smart and so mischievous. I can’t imagine why someone would send him to a shelter, but I’m so glad he’s with me now! We go everywhere together. He makes my whole family so happy. -Holley Ford, NBC 5 Digital Producer
Six years ago, when I visited East Lake Pet Orphanage (ELPO) looking for a kitten, they brought out Pepper and we connected immediately. He was four months old when I adopted him. I live in a small apartment so for his excercise we go for walks with his leash or go to pet friendly stores. He is more like a dog which is why I call him my 'Pepper Dog.' He does dog tricks like, sit, shake, high five, lay down, roll over, ring the bell... to name a few. - Ames Meyer, Texas Sky Ranger
Here is a picture of my new rescue, Margo Rita. We adopted her from the Lone Star Bulldog Rescue last July. Margo was a puppy mill dog that came from St. Louis. Margo had a tail infection and her owner took her to the vet to have her put down. The vet took her, removed her tail, and contacted the Lone Star Bulldog rescue. A volunteer with the LSBR drove up to St. Louis to pick her up. She was in a foster home for one month before we adopted her. Funny thing – she is our third bulldog and the other two didn’t want to lay on our lap. Mike told me that all he wanted was a dog to lay on his lap. Well – we got her! -Martha Stallard, NBC 5 Human Resources Manager
We rescued Bauer from a Dallas rescue group. After a long application process and calling daily to see if we were the chosen family, the lady said, “He’s yours! It’s clear that you really want him and I know you’ll give him a good home!” 9 years later, he still makes us laugh every day with his funny personality and those cute little eyes. We’ve had two daughters since rescuing Bauer and he is the best big brother and loves giving them kisses. Bauer is the best dog I’ve ever had and probably will ever have. My motto, adopt, don’t shop. -Jocelyn Kaspar, NBC 5 Sales Marketing Planner
Pretzel, the minpin mix, is our rescue dog. She was wandering the streets of Fort Worth, very scrappy and skinny and my nephew’s friend took her in. My nephew took her, but he had 3 other dogs and so I asked if we could have her. We’ve had her 2 years and she is the funniest thing ever. She is a major snuggler. She also likes going on boat rides. - Amanda Dixon, NBC 5 Account Manager
Macee is not a rescue, just a loved member of the family – I would say she rescued us. She is a maltipoo and is 8 years old. She likes walks and naps and playing catch with her toys. She thinks she is one of the girls (I have 2 daughters). -Amanda Dixon, NBC 5 Account Executive
Maximus (Max) was wandering a country road in Wise County suffering from heat exhaustion, covered in burrs, and infested with fleas. Max is also blind from infected ulcers in his eyes. The great people at Helping Paws of North Texas helped me to get the care Max needed to clear up his infections. He is feeling much better and still loves to be outside. He knows the sound of the doggie snack bag and barks when he is ready to go out. When the vet said he did not have a microchip, I knew immediately I had to keep him. He has blended in well with our family! - Angela Whitehurst, NBC 5 Sales
Skye is a 10-year old Australian Shepherd who loves going on hikes, taking car rides and swimming at the lake. His favorite treat is an ice cube. ;) -Don Tapani, NBC 5 Account Manager
My husband and I adopted Rocky in 2008 after seeing a YouTube video about him. He had been hit by a car and also was heartworm positive and was sent to be euthanized before a rescue stepped in. It was a long road for him to be regain use of his back legs and to get the all clear that he was heartworm negative. We are so glad we rescued this boy. -Marya Woyciesjes, NBC 5 Traffic Coordinator
My sister found Kitty when he was a kitten, roaming around the campus at UT Dallas. But she already had a cat that didn’t like other cats, so she brought him home and he took to me. 14 years later, he still follows me around and meets me at the door when I get home from work. Growing up, we always brought in stray cats and kittens, so it was only natural to take in this one. Our family was just very nurturing to all creatures – 4 legged and 2 legged. -Lisa Hernandez, NBC 5 Sales Fulfillment Specialist
When my husband and I were dating, he got Landri from DFW Humane Society in January 2011. She’s moved with us to 4 different homes and welcomed her 2 human babies into the family. Now, she even shares a bed with Daniella (4). Adopting was important to us because there are so many dogs that need a home and we knew we could give her a good home. We couldn’t imagine paying a lot of money or driving super far to buy a pet, when there are so many in need right here. -Lisa Hernandez, NBC 5 Sales Fulfillment Specialist
Dottie Love was found at “guestimate” of 10 weeks old in the middle of Highway 84 in Palestine, TX. We rescued her from being hit by an 18 wheeler. We were able to grab her and put her in our car and she promptly threw up (in my brand new VW). We drove her to the Palestine Animal Shelter but they had just closed for the evening. We decided to take her to our ranch house for the night, and return her to the shelter the next morning. That was six and a half years ago. Now she has traveled from coast to coast and is a true hotel dog (here she is partying it up at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas for New Year's Eve)! She is named after a friend we know that is an animal rescuer, so there really is a Dottie Love that’s a person -Sandy Emmons, NBC 5 & Telemundo 39 Account Executive
Henry Ford almost did not make it very far in this world. He was part of a litter of feral cats that were dumped out in the country, or at least we think that’s his story, we have no idea where he actually came from. I had just taken a job in Dallas for Time Warner Media and we were moving some furniture to my new temporary home in Dallas with my husband’s Ford F1-50. We had driven away from the ranch going up to speeds of 75 and had stopped on the way out of town to say goodbye to some family members. When we got out of the truck I could hear this loud meowing coming from the front tire area of the truck. Upon further inspection, there was this tiny 4-week-old kitten clinging to the right bottom axle of the F-150. Didn’t think little guy would make it, he was burned a bit, traumatized, and itty bitty. I scooped him up, again with the intent on getting him adopted out once I arrived in Dallas. That didn’t happen. He is still with us 5 years later. He is a fan of “Puddles” the Clown from America’s Got Talent. Here he is wearing a “Puddle” crown, doesn’t he look ecstatic? -Sandy Emmons, NBC 5 & Telemundo 39 Account Executive
This is Bleu. He is the best, smartest, most handsome dog ever! If I could have a dog forever, this would be the one. He is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd. A friend had taken in the litter (from dogs that were running free in rural Phelps). As we were visiting, this puppy came up and laid at my feet. He stayed there the entire visit while his brothers and sisters were running around the yard being puppies. When we were leaving our friend joked “aren’t you going to take your puppy with you?” We never intended to get another dog (we had 4 at the time), but he came home with us and has been our constant companion since. This is a picture of us at the ranch. Now he just watches Westerns on TV while lounging on the couch in Dallas. -Sandy Emmons, NBC 5 & Telemundo 39 Account Executive
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