Pet-Friendly Ice Cream Shop Offering Free Sundaes

Shop offers free sundaes for dogs

Bruster's Real Ice Cream in Arlington makes hundreds of flavors of ice cream, but one flavor has an unsual ingredient: dog treats.

"We do a 1-ounce vanilla ice cream and I keep doggie bones in the shop at all times so that they don't feel left out," said Bruster's manager Joanne Fasy.

Oh, and the doggie sundaes are free.

Dog owner Kristie Miller said she likes being able to include her dog, Turtle, when she goes out.

"She loves ice cream," Miller said.

And one of the store's team leaders said they see quite a few dogs that stop in for a icy treat.

Justin Wilkerson said you have to be careful sometimes. One dog that swings by often doesn't wait on his human counterpart.

"It jumps up on the owner's lap, up onto the window and literally grabs the cup out of our hand," Wilkerson said.

Bruster's is just one of a handful of restaurants in Arlington that are welcoming to furry customers. But it's a trend that's seeing an upward tick as more businesses and pet-owners become hip to the idea of pets palling along.

"When you're out running errands or whatever and the dog wants to go, it's nice to be able to take them in and as long as they're well behaved," Miller said.

At Bruster's the dog must be on a leash and well-mannered, but other than that, all breeds and types are welcome.

"Our four-legged friends, our furry friends are just as welcome at Bruster's as everyone else is," Fasy said.

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