‘Pet Detective' Helps Find Lost Pets

Southlake family offers $5,000 reward for dog’s safe return

When the Valentine family in Southlake lost their prized pet Maltipoo named Jingles, they were willing to do anything to get her back.

They posted signs all over the neighborhood offering a $5,000 reward for her return.

“She is our family member and we are just devastated not to have her,” said Jodi Valentine.

Jingles was her 8-year-old daughter Jordan’s first pet. The dog bolted out the front door of the family’s new home on May 3.

With no sign of the dog, they also turned to a pet detective.

Bonnie Hale of Grapevine runs a business called Lost Pet Specialist.

For a $400 fee, she and Idabel, an American black and tan coon hound, follow the scents of runaway pets, including dogs and cats.

Cats are easier to find, she said, because they often hide for days nearby and ignore calls from their owners.

“With dogs, about 60 percent of them get home eventually,” Hale said.

But Jingles is still missing.

Idabel tracked her scent to a brushy area several blocks away. That’s where the trail stopped.

"We're just wanting answers right now,” Valentine said. “If it's not good, we just need closure. But hopefully, we're praying the good Lord will bring her back to us safe and sound."

The Valentine family isn't giving up, hoping the reward -- and the pet detective -- will help bring Jingles home.

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