Bystander Shot During Argument Outside Dallas Dave & Buster's: Police

Victim's injury not thought to be life threatening

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One person is recovering after a shooting outside a Dave & Buster's in Dallas following an argument inside the business on Sunday afternoon, police say.

Two groups of people were involved in a verbal altercation inside Dave & Buster's in the 9400 block of North Central Expressway.

They agreed to take the disagreement outside, and while they were leaving, one person turned around and opened fire, striking a victim, police said.

The shooting caused the top of the glass front door to shatter.

“I didn’t see too much of the shooting, I just heard it, and I was just trying to get up out there and get my kids safe," said Michael Lewis, who was at the entertainment complex for a football banquet.

Video recorded by witnesses showed strangers pulling the victim inside and beginning to administer first aid.

"I grabbed the napkin and I tied it around his leg, then I applied pressure to the wound that he got shot in, and I just squeezed it nice and tight," said Noe Gonzales who was inside the building when the shooting happened. “I just made sure that I applied pressure to his wound, and then when the paramedics showed up, they told me to keep applying pressure."

The victim was taken to a local hospital with an injury not thought to be life threatening.

Police arrested they arrested 24-year-old Aurikel Silverio in connection to the shooting. He faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Some people thought there was an active shooter situation. Former NBC 5 reporter Grant Stinchfield, who was at Dave and Buster's with his son, said they were separated during the chaos.

“I was literally at one of the games at the front of the facility and people just started running and screaming, 'There’s a shooter," said Stinchfield. "I swept the building looking for my son, to see if I could help engage the shooter if there was one, so other people wouldn’t be hurt. I came across the victim, and the victim looked like he was shot in the leg."

"I told him I had a tourniquet in my car, somebody else had a tourniquet on them, that tourniquet got secured, he was a doctor, the victim, and it appears that he’s going to be OK. I spoke with his family and it appears he’ll be just fine," explained Stinchfield, who said the victim was a bystander.

Police haven't said what the argument was about, but Stinchfield said it was over a game prize.

“So the victim’s family said it was two men outside arguing over a stuffed animal. A freaking stuffed animal if you could imagine. Someone has no regard for human life and then shoots someone over a stuffed animal. That’s pathetic," said Stinchfield.

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