Perry's Hair Is All Atwitter

The Texas governor's broken collarbone is getting a lot of attention in the Twitterverse, but another part of his body has started its own Twitter page: Gov. Rick Perry's hair.

It seems someone has started sending updates from atop the governor's head.

NBCDFW.COM will try and get more info to see who or what is tweeting as the governor's hair.

Until then, here is an example of some of the tweets sent so far:

  • "Sitting atop the Governor's head."
  • "sad to hear of Sen. Ensign's announcement. A man cannot stray if he has a proper focus on his own hair."
  • "Texas small businesses need a tax break. Especially male hair care and grooming businesses"
  • "I have tried to push an appreciation of WeirdAl through the follicles to the Governor, but never been successful. Shame."

 Perry's campaign told NBCDFW's Omar Villafranca that GovPerrysHair's Twitter presence is "mostly good-natured and funny."

"Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery:@GovPerrysHair," Perry tweeted. "Twitter = free speech for all. Thanks to my 10k tweetheads, keep that # growing!"

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