Perry: I May Run for President Again

Perry also speaks about gun control in North Texas speech

Gov. Rick Perry expressed interest in running for president again in 2016 and also spoke out against gun control in a speech to tea party members in North Richland Hills on Monday night.

Speaking before the Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party, Perry defended his unsuccessful race for president earlier this year, saying it was a good experience.

"It was an extraordinary experience -- I mean, one that I wouldn't trade," he said. "And looking back on it ... I would do it again."

In his opening remarks, Perry commented on Friday's school shooting in Connecticut but avoided directly mentioning gun control.

"And we have to do everything we can to make sure that those types of evils are restricted the best that it can be," he said.

Asked later by an audience member about gun control, Perry said he hoped the federal government doesn't have a "knee-jerk reaction."

He also said that people in Texas with concealed-carry permits should be able to carry weapons anywhere on public property.

"You should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state," he said, adding that private property owners should be allowed to set their own rules.

Later, as he left, a reporter asked him if he favored allowing people with a permit to carry guns into schools, he said he favors "local control," meaning each school district should be able to decide.

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