“People Trampled on Us,” Woman Who Escaped Deadly Concert Shooting Recalls Events

A concertgoer described what took place over the weekend as she and others crawled for their lives during a mass shooting at an event.

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Video from before, during, and after the deadly shooting over the weekend in southeast Oak Cliff continue to circulate on social media as people try to understand what happened at a trial ride and concert.

According to the Dallas Police Department, officers responded to a shooting at an unpermitted trail ride and concert at 5050 Cleveland Road at around 12:13 a.m. Sunday. Promoters for the event called it the "Second Annual Epic Easter Bike Out and Field Party."

On Monday Dallas Police said 16 people, including three minors, were shot during the concert. Keaton Dejuane Gilmore, 26, was killed in the shooting. Gilmore is reported to have been shot in the head near the stage and died at the scene.

The 15 people injured in the shooting have been identified by Dallas Police as 20-year-old Christian Adams, 22-year-old Jazmin Anderson, 24-year old Randy Davis, 25-year-old Forlando Dean, 29-year-old Breanna Gray, 24-year-old Ashley Jones, 24-year-old Willie Martin, 22-year-old Madison May, 18-year-old Jamal Rylander, 29-year-old Terra Starks, 24-year-old Sebastian Williams and three unnamed juveniles ages 13, 14 and 15.

"I just wish it all would have been prevented," said Latrice Mollice who attended the event with her boyfriend. She said the entire night was fine until that moment.

Mollice said they were moving closer to the stage for the next musical act when they witnessed the shooting.

"The boy was shooting in the middle of the crowd, and he was shooting in the air first and then he stopped shooting in the air and pointed it towards the crowd and that's when we all were ducking and taking cover and I seen another person, he was shooting back at the boy. So I don't know if they were shooting at each other at first or either he was trying to stop him from hurting somebody else, I don't know," explained Mollice.

She said the gunshots were coming her way. She said she and her boyfriend crawled and then ran.

"They were still shooting, it was nonstop fire," said Mollice who had some cuts on her legs, minor injuries she said compared to what could have happened.

Everybody was falling. There were so many people on the ground, you couldn't tell who was hurt who was not hurt, all you could do was just get up and run yourself.

-Latrice Mollice

"When he started shooting first, the crowd started to move and it was just knocking everybody over, so I got knocked over, my boyfriend got knocked over. When we both got knocked over, people were running on top of us," described Mollice. "We couldn't get up, we had to be strong and get up because they were still coming there were so many people they were trampling over everybody. Everybody was falling. There were so many people on the ground, you couldn't tell who was hurt who was not hurt, all you could do was just get up and run yourself."

Dallas Police continue to investigate and have not made any arrests yet. DPD Chief Eddie Garcia said the event shouldn't have happened since organizers did not have a permit.

Garcia said seven off-duty officers were said to be working at the event but that they left before the outbreak of violence. He said they shouldn't have been working at the event since it was unpermitted.

According to flyers posted by concert promoters, there were supposed to be police along with security. On Sunday the organizer of the event posted a statement via Facebook stating,

"On behalf of the Epic Easter Officials, we are saddened by the unfortunate events that occurred yesterday. Our goal was to organize a positive event for and by our people. We took the necessary steps to offer safety by having Dallas Police officers and security personnel on the scene," the statement read in part.

"Additionally, emergency officers and vehicles were on standby. However, some things were still out of our control. Our team did not expect a turn out of that capacity, but we truly appreciate the support of all that came & those who traveled to attend. Our prayers and deepest condolences go out to the individuals and families involved."

Memphis rapper Big Boogie was supposed to be the main headliner at the event. He posted on Instagram that the shooting happened before he arrived.

On Monday a cleaning crew was out at the site removing trash and personal belongings left behind by people who ran.

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