People Helping People After North Texas Winter Storms

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The winter weather North Texas experienced has left so many people hurting, but there are so many others stepping up to help.

The team at local information site Dallasites101, has been posting to their social media, giving people information about where they can get supplies and help. In those posts, she has been sharing the many things people are doing for others to help.

People like Steph Grant, who acted with her nonprofit Promote Love Movement and United People's Coalition helping to prepare hot food for those in need in South Dallas. Feed the People helped organize the free, drive-through store for those who needed warm clothes. They even worked with Black-women led organization Say It With Your Chest to do laundry for people who were displaced at Camp Rhonda. This is something that organization does on a weekly basis for those who don't have a home to go to.

Kendra Eaton of online brand Sprinkled with Pink Shop raised $11,000 in just 36 hours on her “Texas Strong” products. She donated 100% of the profits to the Genesis Women’s Shelter that was damaged by the storm.

Airric Heidelberg of Invasion Restaurant on Crutcher Street in Dallas donated hundreds of meals to those in need and to volunteers of the Human Impact Project organization.

Then came help from outside the state. A good truck from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, made the trip down to North Texas to cook barbeque for people in need of a hot meal. They even distributed free water. Willie Ray’s food truck will be headed to Houston on Tuesday to distribute food there.

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