Residents Brave Heat, Long Lines at DPS Offices

On one of the hottest days of 2019, frustration built outside the Department of Public Safety office in McKinney Tuesday, where lines wrapped around the building.

"Earlier we got to watch a 16-year-old girl pass out from the heat and hit her head on the concrete, the paramedics had to come," Allen resident Al Smith said.

DPS could not confirm heat was the cause of the teenagers collapse Tuesday morning. Multiple people in line told NBC 5 they had been waiting for over five hours to get inside, as of 11:30 a.m.

"I had two bottles of water, they are both gone, you can see my shirt is off, I came out of my shirt because it is ridiculously hot," Tatianna Wright said.

Some in line took to social media, even emailing and calling the office of Governor Greg Abbott.

"I made phone calls, I sent emails, I sent Facebook messages, I texted it out, put a post up online, it's not fair to the public," Smith said.

In an email to NBC 5, DPS said they are "looking into the incident." NBC 5 has also asked about staffing levels at the McKinney DPS office and if any steps are being taken to prevent heat-related illness for those waiting outside. DPS has so far not answered those questions.

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