Pee Wee Football Canceled Since Adults Can't Play Nice

Three Fights Lead To Pee-Wee Team's Cancellation

Too many fouls have cost a pee-wee football team its entire season.  But it wasn't action on the field that caused the problem, it was the action in the stands from the player's parents.

Between four teams, there are 130 players on the Fort Worth Falcons roster.  The team has been practicing on the field since June and had hoped to make the playoffs and win their league's version of the Super Bowl.

But now, the Falcons are grounded and no longer allowed to play after a series of fights involving parents and coaches.

The first incident was a screaming match between to moms.  But, a few weeks later, punches were thrown when a father accused his son's coach of not letting him play enough.

The third incident, a shouting match between a parent and the coach of the opposing team that turned physical, was the final straw.

The team's founder admits they were given fair warning that they would be dismissed from the league if the violence continued.  Still, parents said the dismissal isn't fair to the children who worked so hard and didn't take part in any of the altercations.

"You say it's about the children. Show us it's about the children. 'Cause what's going on right now, it's nothing to do with the children," said Rita Petty, mother. "What's going on right now is adults making adult decisions about pee wee football."

NBC 5 contacted the Ultimate Youth Football Association who defended their position to suspend the team for the season by saying it was in the best interest of the remaining organizations to revoke their membership and that the Falcons failed their children by behaving in an intolerable manner.

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