Peacocks Spotted Roaming Dallas Streets

Peafowl are on the loose in one Dallas neighborhood and several people were shocked to find the large birds walking in the street.

“There’s a peacock up in the tree,” said one woman as she records video of the bird on the 6000 block of Birchbrooke Drive.

It’s not a normal sight to see the Asian-native bird in a neighborhood near Central Market. Usually dogs, squirrels and the cawing crow roam the streets.

“On a normal day, you usually just see dogs walking, people running, people riding their bikes,” said Ken Gardner, who lives in the neighborhood. “Not a peacock strolling down the street.”

So, when five peafowl made their way through the neighborhood Wednesday night, it had people wondering where they came from.

Three miles away from the original sighting, there is farm at White Rock Stables where more than 30 peafowl live.

The giant birds roam freely, coming and going at their will. The owner said the birds have been on his family farm since the 1950s.

Even though peafowl normally don't walk through neighborhoods, Ben Jones with the Trinity River Audubon Center said people do keep them as pets.

“Most of the peacocks that you're hearing about in a city environment are being fed by some care taker,” said Jones. “Someone is keeping an eye out for them or putting out food.”

The owner told NBC 5 that even though the peafowl will leave the farm, they always come back.

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