Paxton, Huffines Race Could Be the Priciest State Senate Race in History

Early voting is over and now it is a race to the finish for candidates throughout Texas.

With primary elections this Tuesday, one race many will be watching closely is in Collin County.

Republican candidates Angela Paxton and Phillip Huffines are fighting for a state senate seat and some say it’s the nastiest race in recent memory.

Voters in Collin County are being blitzed with attack ads.

They put the race on pace to be the most expensive Texas senate race in history.

“They're going to spend $10 million. That's extraordinary in a Texas senate race. Much of it is negative,” said Cal Jillson, political science professor at SMU.

Both candidates are on a level playing field when it comes to name recognition.

She is the wife of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

He is the twin brother of State Senator Don Huffines.

But when it comes to policy, Jillson says republican voters have a tough time telling them apart.

“Each is accusing the other of being a liberal. Neither of them are a liberal so it leaves people confused,” he said.

Attack ads, Jillson says, can separate candidates in the minds of voters. It’s the reason people in Collin County are seeing so many of them.

“It means that decisions are made by voters on non-policy grounds, on Angela Paxton’s smile as Phillip Huffines says, and on Huffiness not living clearly within the district,” Jillson explained.

Two democrats, Mark Pharris and Brian Chaput, are also vying for the senate seat.

But in overwhelmingly conservative county, Tuesday's outcome between two big-name republicans could very well determine the entire race.

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