Pastor, Entrepreneur Debate Extramarital Sex

What's the best way to handle a loveless marriage?

A North Texas pastor says more sex with your spouse, while the owner of a dating Web site says more sex with someone else.

More than 4,000 people packed the Fellowship Church in Grapevine on Thursday night to hear Pastor Ed Young and Noel Biderman, the founder of the Ashley Madison Agency, debate about infidelity.

"Anytime you talk sex, people are interested," Young said.

Young once challenged the married members of his congregation to have sex every day for a week straight. He said it helped many of them rekindle the fire in their relationship.

Young says couples need open communication, and having more sex with each other is a good way to achieve that.

"It's great to say, 'Have sex for seven days, reinvigorate the spark,' but what if your partner won't?” Biderman said.

The Ashley Madison Agency's motto is "Life's Short, Have An Affair. The personals Web site is designed to give married men and women an avenue to pursue an affair.

Biderman says it's not a part of human nature to be monogamous. He said he created the Web site so people could reignite their sex life while still having a good home life.

"I invariably get asked, 'What if your wife cheated on you?' And I answer honestly, that I would be devastated," he said. "But I wouldn't blame the Web site she went to or the hotel room they met at."

One in every three married men and one in every four married women commit adultery, according to the numbers in Thursday night's debate.

"I don't know how you can go and say it's OK," said church member Jessica Youngblood.

Other people in attendance echoed the sentiment.

"I think it goes against God's principles and his word," Priscilla Lleras said.

Perhaps the one thing Young and Biderman can agree on is that it's good to get people talking about sex again.

"It's time to bring the bed back in church and talk about it in a real and raw way," Young said.

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