‘Pass the Trash' Bill to Prevent Teacher Sexual Misconduct

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is speaking out about the issue of “Pass the Trash” schools.

The phrase “Pass the Trash” refers to schools that allow teachers accused of sexual misconduct to quit without forwarding that information to the Texas Education Agency, allowing them to be re-hired for other teaching jobs, according to a press release from the Lt. Gov.

In other words, schools that let teachers resign without informing the education agency of their sexual misconduct are “passing the trash” around to other places without fixing the problem.

“This legislation will assure that any superintendent or principal who does not do so is guilty of 'passing the trash' and should resign or be fired,” Patrick said in a statement.

Patrick said he wanted to make the issue of “Pass the Trash” schools a priority for the upcoming legislative session.

“Parents should not have to worry about sexual predators in the classroom,” Patrick said. “Public school superintendents' are already lawfully required to report teachers who are preying on the innocent.”

The Senator headlining the “Pass the Trash” Bill is Paul Bettencourt.

"I applaud Sen. Bettencourt for quickly filing Senate Bill 7 to end this unacceptable practice," Patrick said.

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