Parvovirus in Dogs Making Early Appearance This Year

A potentially deadly virus in dogs is making an early appearance this year.

“Unfortunately due to the winter being so warm, we are seeing a lot of parvo,” said Christy Gray. at Operation Kindness in Carrollton.

Already this year, seven dogs with parvovirus have been treated at Operation Kindness. The no-kill shelter uses intravenous fluids to help infected dogs fight the virus.

“They go on a really strict diet," said Gray. “We don’t feed them until their vomiting and diarrhea stops."

“We’ve seen definitely more in the last few weeks and expect that number to increase with the summer coming," said Heather Frankfurt, at Hillside Veterinary Clinic.

The Dallas clinic saw three cases in just one night this week.

“Usually in the spring and summer months is when we have a huge spike in parvovirus,” said Frankfurt. “The heat and humidity outside is the perfect environment for parvovirus. And especially dogs being more active, being outside they’re just more likely to be exposed to the virus."

Dog owners are being urged to make sure vaccinations are up to date.

“Before they go into dog parks, or anything like that, we recommend that they are vaccinated," Gray said.

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