Parkland Reports Breach in Protected Health Information Involving Dallas County Jail

NBC 5 News

Parkland Health and Hospital System is reporting a breach of protected health information involving the Dallas County jail system.

Parkland is responsible for providing healthcare to inmates in the county jail.

According to Parkland Health and Hospital System, a Parkland employee sent an email in late January to a Dallas County employee by mistake which contained protected health information in the form of lab test invoices.

The protected health information included the first name, last name, date of birth, and name of the diagnostic test.

Following an internal investigation, Parkland officials determined in early February that the recipient of the email realized it had been sent by mistake, did not open it, and deleted it on the day it was received.

The deleted email was then permanently deleted, Parkland said.

Parkland said officials are contacting the impacted patients by the breach.

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