Parker County Subdivision Deals With Water Outage

A Parker County community that has been without water for much of the weekend has service again.

Randi Newman said water trickled to a stop late Friday night at her home in the hilltop subdivision, which is in an unincorporated part of the county.

"[There is] just absolutely nothing," she said. "Like, air will come through the line a little bit sometimes."

The water company, Abraxas Utilities, turned the water off completely just before noon Saturday, when workers performing routine maintenance discovered the leak.

"Unfortunately, when you've got a system that's so old and you've got the drought and the rain coming in and the cold, [it] does tend to make the lands shift," owner Laura Warren said. "The shifting causes your pipes to crack."

In all, 184 families were without running water until 5 p.m. Monday. Water customer Craig Morgan said the situation was "horrible."

"Use the restroom, you got to go get jugs of water to pour in the back of the toilets so you can use the restroom," he said.

The water came back on for several hours over the weekend, but then stopped again late Sunday afternoon.

"Monday, everybody wakes up about five, you know, to get the day going, and a lot of children just didn't get on the bus because they couldn't shower," Newman said.

State regulators have cited Abraxas Utilities several times over the past two years for not performing some routine tests, warning customers about the potential problems.

"We get letters in the mail all the time -- 'Don't drink the water; don't drink the water," Morgan said.

But Warren says the well water is safe to drink.

"I drink the water out here every day," she said. "I'm out here, and I drink it every day; got family out here. We are monitoring, and we're doing exactly what the state wants us to do."

Residents have been asked to boil water until further notice, a standard procedure after a water main break.

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