Parker County

Parker County Special Crimes Unit Arrests 14 Suspects in Drugs And Guns Case

After months of investigating, the Parker County Special Crimes Unit has arrested 14 individuals for drug and gun charges, according to police reports.

The investigation, which began last March in Weatherford, started when students reported a local "resident was selling large quantities of drugs," according to a press release.

The investigating officials then identified Kortney Stepich, 36, and Stephen Lee, 34, as suspects, according to police reports, whom they later arrested.

The Parker County Special Crimes Unit said they uncovered information about suspects attempting to trade or sell stolen guns to "Lee and other associates for drugs" during an unrelated burglary case, according to a press release about the arrests.

The special crimes unit later seized over four pounds of methamphetamine, 14,000 grams of GHB - sometimes thought of as a date rape drug - four guns and over $10,000 in cash, according to the same press release.

Parker County officials believe over $100,000 worth of methamphetamine and GHB were sold locally in a month's time.

Police said they are still searching for one more suspect and are not ruling out even more arrests, as the investigation is still ongoing.

The special crimes unit is hoping to use an organized crime statute to charge all 15 suspects, since some are accused of crimes outside of Parker County's jurisdiction.

"It is inevitable that big city crime will creep into our community," Parker County Sheriff Larry Folwer said in the press release. "But we will utilize all resources available to us to make those criminals regret their choice."

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