Parked Cars Create Blind Spot for Rockwall Neighborhood

Residents near Rockwall Harbor raise safety concerns

Rockwall is trying to come up with an ordinance that limits parking near a harbor neighborhood that is concerned about traffic safety.

Residents near the Rockwall Harbor say the intersection at Summer Lee Drive and Lago Vista Lane is getting dangerous.

"We can't check to see if traffic is coming," Pam Gowers said. "We have to really go out into the street, and that can cause accidents, so it does concern me, and I've almost been hit, too."

Cars parked in front of the neighborhood block the view of many drivers trying to leave the subdivision, and cars driving across don't always follow the 30 mph speed limit.

"Because of the blind curve and the rate at which people are coming up the street, it's really a bad situation," said Kristy Smith, who recently addressed the City Council about the issue.

"All we want is for the city to remove the parking on the side of Lago Vista just so that the curve is no longer quite a blind as it is now," she said.

City leaders said nearby businesses are generating a lot more daily traffic in the area. Previously, parking was permitted on the opposite side near the businesses, but officials said no one is allowed to park there.

"It's pretty chaotic," Gowers said. "It's the town is growing so fast; I've been here for 25 years, and this town has just quadrupled in size."

The director of Rockwall's street department said traffic engineers are looking into the traffic issues on the street and hope to present the City Council on Monday with an ordinance limiting parking.

The city said it would have to figure out where people will park.

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