North Texas

Paris Attacks Fuel New Fears Over ISIS Hit List in North Texas

There are new concerns in North Texas about an alleged ISIS kill list that surfaced earlier this year after military members in Wylie, Bedford and Abilene showed up on the list.

The list is getting new attention on social media as news reports originally from March are now being shared online.

The Wylie Police Department said it has received dozens of calls about the list since the Paris attacks on Nov. 13.

In a statement, a Wylie police spokesperson said, “We have been proactive with the family to ensure their safety and we continue to monitor the situation. Since that time there have been no new terrorist threats.”

In March, it was determined that some information on the list was inaccurate. For instance, police said the military member who is listed as living in Bedford does not actually live in the city.

In an email, a spokesperson for the Abilene Police Department said, “We are aware of the threat information and are in routine contact with officials at Dyess AFB. I cannot discuss the specifics of our response but know the security of Dyess AFB and the military families who live in our community are a top priority.”

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