Paris Attacks Force Some Cancellations at D/FW Airport

In response to the deadly attacks Friday evening in Paris, some flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Paris were canceled.

Passengers who were scheduled to board American Airlines Flight 48 to Charles de Gaulle International Airport sat in the concourse for hours.

"As soon as we saw it escalating (on television), we kind of had an idea that they would be canceling the flights," said passenger Edward Sas. "At first they said it was going to be delay and they finally canceled the flight."

North Texans who arrived from Paris on Friday afternoon were happy to be home.

"It happened while we were in the air, so we're still trying to register it," said traveler Annie Hunt. "My phone just had a bunch of texts, people asking if I was okay."

Operations are D/FW Airport were running normal on Friday evening. While there was a visible police presence, extra patrols have not been requested.

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