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Parents Question Paid Parking Fees at Public High School Graduation

High school graduations are around the corner but some Fort Worth ISD parents are upset over one aspect of the celebration

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Fort Worth ISD is making preparations for graduation this year.

Students will collect their diplomas at Dickies Arena.

Several parents reached out to NBC 5 concerned that parking for the graduation would be $20 per car.

Graduation season is around the corner but there’s already controversy in Fort Worth ISD. Their graduation at Dickies Arena won’t have free parking. Education Reporter Wayne Carter reports.

Patty Pressley is an advocate for students at Western Hills High and says many students at the school live below the poverty line and asking them to pay to park is unfair.

"The kids who aren't going to college, this is the biggest event in their lives next to getting married and having a baby," Pressley said. "Why should these families have to stress out over parking?"

Fort Worth ISD is offering free parking at Farrington Field, but those families would need to take shuttles to get to the graduation site.

Parents said considering the Dickies Arena is partially taxpayer-funded, they would hope the fee could be waived for students celebrating a major milestone.

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