Parents Demand to Know How Newborn Son Ended up on Floor of Hospital

A Dallas family is demanding to know how their newborn son ended up on the floor at the hospital where he was being cared for.

The boy's parents said they were told the nurse caring for him at Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital suffered a medical episode and ended up on the floor along with the baby.

The boy's mother, Precious Henderson tells NBC 5, she understands accidents happen.

But she wants to know why it took several hours for the hospital to tell her what happened.

Baby Jace was born in early April.

The premature baby was born with some medical issues, according to Henderson.

Jace was diagnosed with Posterior Urethral Valves or PUV, an abnormality of the urethra.

Doctors implanted tubes on his kidneys and a catheter, according to Henderson.

Jace had been cared for at Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital.

On April 29, Henderson said she received what she believed to be a routine call from hospital staff at around 8 a.m.

"In the middle of that call [staff member] said: Did you know about your son being in an incident? I said no, what are you talking about," said Henderson.

She said she was then passed on to speak with another person at the hospital who reportedly told her "yeah, last night around 2 a.m. your son was found, he was in an incident where he was found on the floor. His nurse had a seizure."

Alarmed, Henderson rushed to the hospital.

"My son has these tubes connected to him, oh my God, his tubes were probably yanked out. That's what I'm thinking," she recalled.

Henderson said she asked repeatedly if the nurse dropped her newborn and how Jace ended up on the floor.

"He was laying on the floor quietly and the nurse put him back in the bed and the doctor looked at him, just visually and he should be ok," she claims she was told. "That was it. No details."

Henderson said she understands accidents can happen, but she said she is frustrated at the lack of transparency surrounding the incident.

"The nurse, if she had a seizure, she doesn't know that. She couldn't plan for a seizure," said Henderson. "But tell the truth."

"Being on the floor, I just can't get past the point of impact," she said. "I don't know if he landed on the top of his head or if he landed on his face. I don't know if he hit something on his way down and to be told he sustained nothing, he's fine and for no one to check and this is an intensive care unit? That's disturbing."

Henderson had her son transferred to another hospital where she said he will undergo a procedure on Wednesday to remove fluid that has built up on his left kidney.

"Why wasn't I notified right away so I could've come up here and checked on my son right away," she said, questioning whether Medical City Dallas did enough to check for injuries.

"The red marks and you see it around his navel and on the side," she said pointing to a picture she said she took of her son the morning of the incident. "It wasn't there."

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else," she said. "I don't want any injury or incident and the family is not notified right away."

NBC 5 asked Medical City Children's Hospital to confirm the allegations and provide any details about what happened to the newborn boy and his nurse.

A spokesperson said the hospital is unable to comment on any issue that may involve patient or employee privacy.

The hospital released the following statement to NBC 5 related to this incident:

"We empathize with any family with a newborn in the neonatal ICU, as we understand this can be a difficult time. As a healthcare provider, the wellbeing and health of our patients is our primary concern, and our focus is on providing the best possible care."

Henderson and her fiancé have an attorney and said they are considering their next steps.

Baby Jace is awaiting surgery.

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