Pantego to Build Gateway Arch

One of the smallest burbs in the Metroplex is hoping a big welcome sign will make them known for more than traffic stops.

Long popular as a good place to receive a speeding ticket, Pantego is in the process of approving and building a Gateway Arch for the town.

The arch is one of several things the small town of 2,400 is doing to try to raise it's profile while bringing new businesses and shoppers to the area. The Arlington Citizen-Journal reports that town leaders are also considering making over 1950's and 1960's-era shopping centers to make them more modern and pedestrian friendly.

While the name shares that of the 630-foot tall arch in St. Louis, the Pantego Gateway Arch is more reminiscient of the banner-style sign over Exchange Avenue in the Fort Worth Stockards.

Appropriate, since, in the Citizen-Journal's article, Pantego City Manager Doug Davis asked if you knew you were in the Stockyards before you saw their gateway.

"No, it's just old buildings," Davis said.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Davis, the arch should be a nice entrance into the city.  Even if it's just a much more obvious visual cue to slow down.

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