Texas Connects Us: Painted Rock Craze Connects Mansfield

A craze is sweeping the town of Mansfield. People young and old are painting rocks and leaving them around city parks for others to find.

At least twice a week Pam Weisbarth and Christi Callihan visit neighborhood parks to hunt or hide painted rocks.

"I like to hide them on a lower level because the itty-bitty kids can find them," said Weisbarth. "But there are a lot of us adults that search for them and we put them up in a tree."

They're part of the growing group known as "Mansfield Rocks."

"It's rewarding to find a rock," said Belinda Daughtry. "It's just something when you find one -- it's just something special."

Daughtry started the activity in Mansfield after seeing a similar idea in another city.

The concept is simple. Paint a rock. Hide the rock and let others hunt for the rock. Once you find a rock, you can keep it or rehide it.

Those who participate are encouraged to post their hidden rocks with a clue on a group Facebook page and post a photo when they've found a rock.

In Mansfield, more than 3,000 people are taking part in the activity.

"It feels so good that people are really enjoying this and having such a good time," said Daughtry.

The craze has families exploring their hometown with fresh eyes and becoming friends with strangers.

"It's making the community smaller. We're getting to know people we wouldn't otherwise had known," siad mom Sara Dean, who brings her two young children to hunt for rocks.

Those who've bought into the craze admit it can be hard to explain to those who've haven't.

"Yeah. They think we're nuts," said Ashley Adkins who enjoys painting rocks in her free time. "They go, 'Why are you doing this?' Because it's just fun."

But those who participate say once you try it, you'll understand.

"It's really a great way to meet people and spread the happiness," said Adkins.

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