Operator of Laptop Repair Business Returns to Work

Customers complained shop had closed without notice

The operator of a Dallas laptop repair company returned to work Friday after customers complained he had disappeared for weeks without returning their computers.

Joshua Tuttle, manager of Laptek in the 18600 block of Marsh Lane, said he left to deal with some personal issues but is now back in business.

For days, though, customers said they didn’t know what to do.

“It looks like they just locked their door and left,” said customer Ted Watson, a retired medical device salesman.

Watson said he was working on his income taxes when his laptop got a virus a few weeks ago.

“I need my computer,” he said, adding he also had family photos and other items on the laptop that he had not backed up.

Another customer, Shanda Henley, said she had been going by the store every day since she dropped off her broken laptop on March 3.

She pointed out a pile of unopened mail, visible on the floor of the business through the glass door.

"With the mail piled up, it's obvious he hasn't been here,” Henley said. "It's just frustrating. At this point I don't care if my laptop is repaired. I just want my laptop back."

NBC 5 Investigates was able to locate Tuttle through his Facebook contacts.

On Thursday night, Tuttle said he would return to work Friday.

"I'm all about communication,” Henley said. “That's all we're asking at this point, is communicate with us and let us know what is going on."

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