One Year Later: Fort Worth Police Officer Matt Pearce Recalls Shooting

Injured officer continues rehab, hopes to return to work full time

Wednesday, March 15, marks one year since Fort Worth police officer Matt Pearce was shot five times while pursuing a pair of armed robbery suspects.

Pearce was critically wounded in a shootout between police, a fugitive and his son. The fugitive, Ed McIver Sr., was killed in the shootout. His son was arrested and remains behind bars.

The Fort Worth Police Department released on Facebook Wednesday a 30-minute documentary including never before seen bodycam footage of the shooting. In the video, Pearce revisits the scene of the shooting and talks about what took place.

Pearce was released from the hospital nearly two months after the shooting and returned to work part-time in October 2016. Since that time he's continued rehab and working toward his goal of returning to work full time.

Pearce spoke during the department's weekly Facebook Live on Wednesday. That video can be seen here.

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