One Lady's Super Couponing Hobby Helps So Many Others

She donates to shelters, nonprofits, and homeless

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To see Rosalinda Robledo in a store with loaded shopping carts you might think she works there or is buying stuff for a small army.

She is shopping but spending very little money.  Robledo is a super couponing shopper. She uses multiple coupons to buy in bulk for free or very little money.

Rosalinda Robledo with full shopping carts using coupons

It started as a way to help her own family, but quickly grew.

“It got overwhelmed and I was like what am I going to do with all this,” super coupon shopper Rosalinda Robledo said. “So, I started looking out for shelters, helping the homeless, everything possible to give out a little bit of everything.”

Robledo said her mom taught her the giving spirit.

Robledo uses super coupon shopping and donates some items to shelters and homeless

“My mom always said, ‘The little bit that you have, you have to learn to spread with the other ones’,” Robledo said.

The Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support facility received one of those large donations.

They help women and children in domestic violence situations.

“We’ve really seen the need for our services rise dramatically through the last year,” Genesis Women’s Shelter and Resource Communications Director Amy Ridings said.

Ridings added donations like these mean so much.

“These donations are absolutely critical at this time and Rosalinda dropped off a variety of things including Clorox wipes, disinfectants, so that we can make sure we are keeping our space clean and safe for our clients,” Ridings said.

Robledo teaches others her technique for free that helps add to the giving.

“It’s always good to give because it’s just the way of life you know,” super coupon squad member Alexander Alvarez Del Castillo said. “You have to give in order to get back. It’s not that I’m doing it to get back. It’s because if I don’t give them I’m just essentially being greedy and I don’t feel good about that.”

They say this mission is about doing good and feeling good about it.

“I feel so good at the end of the day helping others, bringing out a smile into their faces,” Robledo said. “That’s what makes me happy.”

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