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One-Armed Police Rookie Arrests Suspected Car Thief After Chase in White Settlement

Good Samaritan gives a ride to the second officer who fell behind

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When White Settlement police pulled over a stolen car on Saturday, the driver took off running, only to be chased down blocks later by a rookie officer with one arm while a neighbor gave a ride to the officer’s partner who had fallen behind.

Officer Samuel Brown, who doesn’t have a left forearm and hand, became an officer in February.

"I live for this kind of stuff,” Brown said. “This is why young people decide to go and become police officers. Because they want to get into foot pursuits and chase the bad guys."

Brown wanted to be a cop in his home state of California but physical requirements prevented him from even applying, he said.

Texas has no such restriction.

"I started applying to jobs in this area,” Brown said. “White Settlement was the first to pick me up."

White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook said the incident shows Brown is fully capable.

White Settlement PD

"He can do the same job as any other police officer,” Cook said.


Cook also thanked a citizen who offered a ride to a second officer who fell behind in the foot chase.

Jimmy Davis, a retired security officer, was visiting his daughter’s house when they noticed commotion out front.

"And I thought it was a jogger,” Davis said. “But then I saw an officer right behind."

Davis jumped in his car and offered to help.

"You need a ride?" Davis asked.

The officer quickly accepted the offer and hopped in the back seat.

Seconds later, they caught up with Officer Brown, who already had the man on the ground and was handcuffing him.

"I'm glad I was there to help out,” Davis said. “That was my main purpose."

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