On-the-Ground Look at Arlington Tornado Damage

Crew continue to clear wreckage


Arlington police let NBC 5 tour a damaged neighborhood near Interstate 20 and Interstate 820 for the first time since tornadoes ripped through North Texas on Tuesday.

Denise Salerno was not at home when the EF-2 tornado damaged her home on Haverford Drive.

"The first day I was kind of in shock from it all," she said. "The second day it was kind of wearing around and now the third day I feel like it looks worse than all the days. It finally kind of hit me that it just looks like a war zone here."

"I can't believe it happened," she said. "It kind of just happens so fast. there's nothing to prepare for, and it just happens fast."

The tornado uprooted trees, ripped off roofs and leveled some homes, leaving only a pile of broken, splintered wood.

Crews are doing what they can to clear it all as well as restore power to the neighborhood.

"You have no concept of the devastation," homeowner Christine Dillard said. "Like when I was down in the basement, hiding from it all, I could hear the snapping of the trees and the glass breaking. You can hear the wind is ferocious, but when you come up stairs and look at everything that's happened, it's unbelievable. It's just unfathomable that this has taken place."

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