OMG! It's the Jonas Brothers

Papparazzi aren’t exactly rampant in Dallas, but everyone has a cousin who has seen Jessica Simpson at the mall, or a Dallas Cowboy at a club.

However, the Jonas Brothers are causing a stir more frequently now as they venture out to mingle with the locals. For the teenage girl populace of DFW, spotting the pop band of brothers walking around in their natural environment could be likely.

And a less embarrassing way of seeing them than driving past their house with your head lower than the steering wheel under cover of darkness.

The brothers were spotted out visiting Rita’s Italian Ice Shop in Bedford last week, with the youngest Jonas brother, Frank.

They were also seen driving around in their car. Tickets of this spectacular event can be seen here, at a fan site for the youngest Jonas brother in the band, Nick.

The sightings have become more frequent since the family of heartthrobs purchased a $2.8 million mansion in the Tarrant County suburb of Westlake.

They will also grace their new city with a concert at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. The Jonas Brothers World Tour kicks off there on June 20, which is like, so awesome, and so sold out. 

Holly LaFon has written and worked for various local publications including D Magazine and Examiner.

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