Olympian Johnny Quinn Back Home From Sochi

Olympian Johnny Quinn is back home in North Texas.

After nearly three months away from his hometown of McKinney, Quinn arrived Wednesday evening at Dallas’ Love Field Airport.

Fans greeted the bobsledder with applause and requests for autographs and pictures.

“Being my first Winter Olympics, it was great for me,” Quinn told a crowd of reporters.

“The Opening Ceremony was awesome," Quinn said. "Being a small part of Team USA, that was a pretty special moment for me.”

Quinn didn’t medal after participating in the four-man bobsled, but said he’ll never forget the support from North Texans.

“The neat thing with technology is everyone can stay connected," Quinn said. "From messages to tweets to kind letters coming in from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it was great. I could really feel that presence halfway around the world.”

Despite not winning, Quinn became well-known for what some fans are now calling the ‘tweet heard 'round the world,” when he tweeted out a picture after getting stuck, then bursting through his bathroom door.

“Not something I think would explode the way it did! But fortunately now that everyone’s safe and the door’s been fixed — it’s something we can all joke about. You can better believe my teammates were giving me a hard time about it,” Quinn said.

Quinn is set to get married in May. He said after that, he’ll re-evaluate his career and participation in future Olympic Games.

Mainly, he said, it’s good to be back in Texas.

“I missed it," Quinn said. "It’s my first time back in 2014, so I missed it. It’s great to be home.” 

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