Old Town Lewisville to Get a Re-Brand

If you haven't been there in a while, you might not even know it. Development in Old Town Lewisville is booming. But some people say Old Town has an identity crisis. Efforts are underway to change that.

Randy and Ronda Owens grew up in Lewisville. The high school sweethearts married here. They still live in Lewisville.

“There's not another Old Town,” said Ronda Owens. “You can't build another Old Town."

The Owens are building in the city’s historic downtown. Their Perc Coffeehouse is one of five businesses and buildings they own.

“Everything in this shop has a story behind it,” said Randy Owens.

He’s right. Pieces of history hang on the walls of the coffee shop. Many of the stories behind them – are stories of Lewisville.

“I think one of the greatest assets we have in Old Town is our history,” said Ronda Owens.

140 years of history. For the past thirty, downtown Lewisville has been known as Old Town. Until recently, there wasn't much here. Big things started happening in the area two or three years ago.

But there's a problem. Many people still don't know about the progress.

“The fact is, if you haven't been to Old Town Lewisville recently,” explained James Kunke, Lewisville director of community relations and tourism. “You haven't been to Old Town Lewisville."

The city hopes to change that. A new task force will look at ways to re-brand Old Town -- to change the perception. A tour Friday showed off some the area’s new restaurants, shops and businesses.

“For a while there was nothing here for people,” said Kunke. “So there are folks who hear the words ‘Old Town Lewisville’ and they have an image in their head, and that image doesn't match what's in their head today."

Business owners say the Old Town re-brand is long overdue.

“It's been a long time coming,” said Ronda Owens. “Real long time coming, so that makes it exciting."

A bit of the old, and a lot -- of new.

“Just the potential we have down here,” she said. “There’s no place like it."

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