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Oil Application Creates Sticky Mess for Drivers in Celina

Drivers in Collin County are used to headaches on the roads. But some are now dealing with a dilemma they never saw coming.

Construction on a road in Celina left several cars and driveways coated with oil.

The fix could take hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each.

Oil was applied to a quarter-mile stretch of County Road 83 on Monday as part of an asphalt resurfacing project.

Shawn Roberts uses the road every day to get to and from work. When he arrived home Monday evening, he says he realized his white Ford F-150 was coated in stuck-on oil.

"Shocked and angry. It was the last thing I want to deal with on a Monday afternoon," Roberts said.

Roberts also showed NBC 5 photos of his driveway that now has patches of oil on it from the truck's drippings.

He says there were no detour or warning signs when he drove on the road.

"It's horrible," said Dave Shipley, who lives steps away from the road.

Shipley and his wife, Sandy, have patches of oil on their driveway. They say a construction truck leaked the oil when they used their driveway to make a U-turn.

"I've tried to pressure wash it off. It won't come off," Shipley said.

Shipley says the road was riddled with potholes before the project began.

They want their driveway cleaned.

Roberts wants his truck cleaned, too.

"It's not a luxury truck, but I just want it in decent condition," Roberts said.

NBC 5 spotted detour and road closed signs on the side of the road on Tuesday. However, orange signs with the words "Fresh Paint" were unavoidable.

They still didn't stop people from driving on the affected road, but some drivers were seen trying to drive around the oil-soaked spots.

A representative for the city of Celina sent NBC 5 the following statement:

"On Monday, June 19, 2017 SPI Asphalt Contractors initiated a prime oil application to County Road 83 to prepare for asphalt installation. Residents at Preston Hills subdivision were notified by door hangers on Friday, June 16, 2017. SPI Asphalt also set out 'Fresh Oil' signs on the road as well as 'Road Closed' barricades. If you traveled on this road and experienced any issues please contact Jordan Stuart with SPI Asphalt at 469-834-0556."

NBC 5's calls for comment to SPI Asphalt, a Flower Mound-based company, were not returned.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the city spokesperson said SPI Asphalt had agreed to reimburse for cleaning of two vehicles.

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