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Oh Deer! Two North Texas Kids Get the Ultimate Photo Bomb

Photo shoots with children aren't always easy and don't always go as planned. They certainly didn't for two North Texas children.

"Usually cactus are the biggest culprits when you're out here," said photographer Crystal Wise of Crystal Clear Photography

Wise was on a photo shoot at Eagle Mountain Park in Fort Worth with a little girl named Myla last week. Wise planned it perfectly. She set up a pink lemonade stand and made real lemonade for the shoot. Just as the shoot wrapped up, there was an unplanned photo bomb.

"It just walked in and we were kind of speechless," said Wise. It was a deer, and it walked right up to Myla's lemonade stand. "He got in front of it almost like he was ordering lemonade from her."

"The deer was just walking around," explained Myla, a curly haired 4-year-old. "We were so surprised, we didn't know what to do!"

Wise kept shooting. "She was giggling, she was interacting, I mean we got some great images of just the two of them interacting," Wise said. "It was really cool."

It was a once in a lifetime experience, until it happened again.

"All of a sudden a deer came out of nowhere," said photographer Camie Bolin of XO Yours Truly Photography. It happened during a photo shoot with a 6-month old boy named Camden.

"I mean, we had him in a blue shirt to get his eyes to pop," said Camden's mom, Tori Holliday. "Then the deer showed up and just made it crazy!"

"I had tons of people ask me if that was photo-shopped," Bolin said laughing. "And I was like, no, that was just super lucky."

Both photographers said the parents were close and ready to jump in, if needed. They said the deer was wild, but clearly comfortable around people.

"It was so perfect," Bolin said.

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