Ofo Bicycles Stacked Up at Recycling Plant Draw Criticism

Ofo pulled out of Dallas after the city voted on new regulations for bike share companies

A picture of ride share bicycles piled up at a recycling center has received a lot of attention on social media, including from Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

It shows Ofo bikes stacked up, ready to be recycled.

A viewer shared the image with NBC 5 of the Ofo bicycles at a CMC Recycling Facility in Dallas.

Hundreds of bicycles are seen stacked in piles.

The Chinese ride share operator with bright yellow bikes pulled out of the Dallas market after the city voted to begin charging bike share and electric scooter companies an $800 per year fee, and a yearly fee of $21 per bike.

Ofo said it was working with CMC to recycle the aluminum.

The company released a statement to NBC 5 saying in part, "As we wind down select markets, we remain committed to environmental sustainability."

Mayor Rawlings retweeted the picture late Sunday afternoon with one word: terrible.

The mayor's spokesperson told NBC 5 that the mayor thought throwing all the bikes in a recycling bin is "terribly wasteful," people can use them and biking is good.

Ofo said they have donated bikes that are in "good working condition" to local community organizations including City Square and Bikes for Tykes.

LimeBike continues its presence in Dallas, but the company cut back on the number of bicycles in the city following the new regulations.

Dozens of LimeBikes are currently at a maintenance facility in Dallas.

Lime and Bird have recently added electric scooters in Dallas.

Ofo may soon go electric and possibly add scooters in Dallas as well, according to NBC 5 media partner The Dallas Morning News.

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