Officers Talk About Sudden Chaos After Hurst Home Explosion

The officers who were caught in a Hurst home explosion are talking about what happened for the first time.

The explosion April 7 was caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera. The driver of a truck lost control, slammed into the side of a home and hit a gas line.

Two officers were responding to the crash when the home exploded. The entire chain of events was caught on camera.

"It happened so quick, and so fluid, and so fast," said Corporal Ryan Tooker. "It was more of just react, it was more of life-saving, than it was train on tactics or things of that nature."

Officer Travis Hiser says things could have been much worse for first responders.

"There was definitely some divine intervention that was reaching down and slowing those vehicles down from making scene and then taking a finger and pushing me away from the house and the path that I went. Otherwise, I would have been up on the wall and it would have exploded completely into my face," said Hiser.

A vehicle crashed into a house in Hurst, causing it to explode and catch fire Saturday afternoon.

A family of three was inside the home at the time of the crash and explosion. The mother remains in the hospital as of this writing.

The driver was not hurt, but was taken into custody for not having a license, then transferred to federal custody on an immigration hold.

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