Officers Rescue Dog Clinging to Sheet of Ice in Frozen Pond

The rescue was captured on video by an officer's body camera

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Bravery and quick-thinking by Southlake police officers saved the life of a dog who had fallen into a frozen pond.

Last Sunday afternoon, on Valentine's Day, officers were called to a pond near White's Chapel United Methodist Church on South White Chapel Boulevard.

When they arrived at the pond, they saw Shadow, a black Labrador retriever, struggling to cling to a thin sheet of ice, with most of his body submerged.

Shadow attempted to paddle toward the officers, but then got stuck and was yelping and crying for help.

One of the officers used a pole to break up the ice, then got shoulder-deep in the frigid water, holding onto a long rope, whilst officers on shore were holding on to the other end.

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Then, armed with a pool float, the officer trudged toward Shadow.

Once he reached the dog, he was able to hoist Shadow onto the float and the officers on shore pulled them back into safety.

Shadow is okay and is back home with his family.

The Southlake Department of Public Safety says they’ve seen several pet rescues on social media recently. They're urging everyone to keep a vigilant eye on your beloved four-legged family members during the extreme winter weather in North Texas.

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