Forest Hill Officers Nearly Hit by Drunk Driver: Police

The officers were helping a disabled vehicle out of the roadway when their squad car was hit

A few North Texas police officers narrowly escaped being hit by a person police say was driving drunk earlier this week.

Forest Hill Police posted the dash camera video Sunday and pleaded with people to not drink and drive.

The officers were on SE Loop 820 at around 11 p.m. on Thursday night with a disabled vehicle they had pushed out of the main lanes into the shoulder. Police arrested Cedric Keith Henson, Jr. when they say he drove around one patrol car and hit another before narrowly missing the officers and two other people.

Henson faces a driving while intoxicated charge.

"When I watch that video, it makes me sick to my stomach to think of what could have happened to them," said Captain Jerry Cozby of the Forest Hill Police Department.

Captain Cozby says he hopes people watch the video and remember how quickly an impaired driver could hurt or kill someone.

"There are so many options that this does not have to happen anymore. Too many people are killed and maimed by intoxicated drivers and we want everybody to be aware of that," added Cozby.

Forest Hill Police Department

At one point, an officer is seen pulling his gun as the vehicle approaches. The officer does not fire any shots. The driver was not injured and his vehicle slowed to a stop a short distance from the crash. The officers and two other people on the shoulder were not hurt.

"Please don't drink and drive, folks. People's lives depend on it," the department writes on Facebook.

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