Offensive Christmas Tree Removed From Bank

A Southlake business owner was asked to pack up a Christmas tree that he donated to a local bank because it may offend customers.

Antonio Morales, who is apparently well-known for his ability to trim a tree, built and decorated a 9-foot tall Christmas tree that was on display in the lobby of the Chase Bank on Southlake Boulevard.  Morales decorated the tree as a favor to the branch manager, who is a client at his day spa, the Star-Telegram reported.

The tree was on display since the Monday before Thanksgiving, but was removed this week because it apparently offended a few customers and also violated the company policy of only using decorations supplied by the company. 

A Chase spokesperson told the paper that the branch was supplied with stickers that look like Christmas lights and other small, unobtrusive decorations that they were free to display.  O Tannenbaum, however, had to go.

The paper reported that Morales, who has 35 decorated trees at his home, even decorated one for his landlord's office.  His landlord is a Jewish plastic surgeon.

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