Off-Site Parking Lots Say ‘Unfair' Fees at DFW Airport May Force Them to Raise Rates

Parking at an airport can get pricey -- especially if you want to be close to the terminal.

It's why off-site lots, which tend of offer cheaper rates, are a popular alternative for travelers who don't mind parking further away.

But lot operators say a recent decision by Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport may force them to start charging customers more.

In October, the airport raised what are known ground transportation fees for the off-site lots.

The lots -- and all other businesses that provide curbside shuttle service -- pay the fees for access to DFW Airport's terminals.

Since the increase took effect, lot operators say they're paying significantly more in fees than their counterparts (taxis, Uber / Lyft, hotel courtesy vans) -- in some cases, $5 to $6 more per trip.

"We understand that we have to pay our fair shair to access the terminal," said Jeff Foland, President & CEO of The Parking Spot, which has three lots outside DFW Airport. "But at the same time, we should pay no more than others accessing that same terminal."

Thursday, he and the heads of other lot operators went to the DFW Airport Board, asking them to make the fees more fair to them.

"As the fees are levied on us and as those fees increase in an unequitable way, we have to pass that on," said Foland. "So ultimately it becomes more expensive for our customers."

Because there was no agenda item related to this, the board took no action Thursday -- and could only listen to the lot operators complaints.

In a statement to NBC 5, a spokesperson for DFW Airport said:

"DFW Airport has changed the access fee for off airport service providers from 10 percent to 12 percent.  It’s first rate increase since 2010.

Reasonable fees and charges are the best way to facilitate infrastructure improvements for the roads and bridges that these providers and our customers use every day.

Over the last decade, DFW has invested more than $500 million in transportation enhancements – predominately in new garages and lighting systems--to enhance the level of service for our growing number of customers."

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