Oak Tree Falls on Roof of Assisted Living Center

A large oak tree crashed through the roof of an Oak Cliff assisted living home this morning.

This happened around 7am at the Pythian Manor Senior Living Center on East Illinois Avenue.

Several residents were sitting just a few feet away when the tree snapped in half.

"Just like you take a pencil and break it in half," said Willy Young, who was sitting near the lobby when tree crashed above him. "But a lot louder than a pencil."

Young said the oak tree was first damaged in yesterday's rainstorm, and then this morning it snapped into pieces.

72-year-old resident John Peteet got back from the hospital only yesterday after suffering a stroke.

"I stayed there nine days. I had a stroke. I come back home and this almost gave me another stroke," Peteet said.

No one was hurt. An insurance adjuster is on the way to estimate the damage.

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