Oak Lawn Church Feeds And Houses Homeless During Cold Weather

It's a house of worship where the hands and feet are busy serving those who are most in need.

“When it's 20 degrees or 30 degrees outside, no one ever needs to be hungry and cold," said volunteer Will Toler.

He and other volunteers who are part of the congregation at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church came together to feed their homeless neighbors.

"It's really important to anybody, not just myself," said Anthony Hall, who is one of the people the church helped Monday night.

"They're a wonderful group of people and so I'm happy to be able to have them in the house tonight," said Reverend Rachel Baughman.

She said the idea to help came from a member of their church who is also homeless, and support grew quickly.

“By the time we had worship yesterday, we were asking for volunteers to come and support the work of kind of a pop-up shelter," Reverend Baughman said.

Before the meal was enjoyed, Reverend Baughman led the group in prayer, "God, we give you thanks for the community of people that we are surrounded by in this place."

And with temperatures expected in the teens overnight Monday, the church’s dinner guests were also invited to stay the night at the church.

"Oh I feel wonderful, I feel so wonderful, because it's a great help," Hall said.

Converting their church sanctuary into a true sanctuary for people in need, "When we talk about sanctuary in the church, it's a place that you can come in and find safety and security, but also warmth and love."

And it's the congregation’s hope that that warmth and love will be found in their church tonight.

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