Oak Cliff Residents Get Access To A Different Style of Banking

JP Morgan Chase opens a community center bank in Oak Cliff

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People in Oak Cliff are getting a bank and much more in their neighborhood. 

On South Polk street what looks like a regular Chase Bank branch has a different vibe inside.

“Welcoming and warm and allows people to come in and learn more about homeownership,” said JP Morgan Chase Head of Community Impact Alice Rodriguez. “Learn more about being an entrepreneur. Learn more about how to handle their day-to-day finances and save.”

It’s banking, as Rodriguez describes, in a living room setting with couches.

You can talk with advisors who know the community even if you aren’t a customer.

“The community trust people from the community,” said Chase Head of Community Banking and Business Development, Lawrence Bailey.

Bailey added, “We’re hiring people from the community to work in the community.  We are hiring people to be home lending specialists from the community. Small business specialist from the community.”

Chase sees this as the perfect time to open the community center bank because of the pandemic’s impact on minority communities.

“Let’s be honest, people have been hurting,” Rodriguez said.  “There’s been tragedy. There’s been loss. There’s been anxiety as a result of the pandemic and particularly for communities of color this has been a really heavy load.”

This is part of JP Morgan Chase’s $30 billion commitment to advance racial equity to underserved communities. 

The center will also offer workshops, free space and wi-fi for community groups to use.

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