Oak Cliff Neighbors Battle Back Against Speeding, Street Racing

As street racing and speeding continue to be problems for many parts of Dallas, one neighborhood is taking matters into its own hands.

The neighborhood of West Kessler has rolled out a series of banners highlighting local families, with a simple message: slow down.

"In this area I've just heard of multiple deaths, multiple accidents that involve houses and pieces of the median," West Kessler Neighborhood Association President Jonathan Saxer said.

Using grant money and donations, three billboards now dot Hampton Road. Among those to be featured are Stuart and Nanette Gill along with her service dog, Sandy.

"We were really thrilled that we could contribute something on a larger scale to the neighborhood," Nanette said.

So far, Saxer says he thinks the banners are helping.

"We've already seen people going slower to look at it you see people's necks craning back," he said.

He hopes that speed studies done later in the year will confirm that the time and money they've spent to appeal to driver's emotions just might be making a positive difference.

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